How to Check if your Router Supports WiFi 6

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WiFi 6 is the latest and most advanced wireless standard available to the public at the moment. This latest WIFI standard offers a lot of improvements when compared to its predecessor; it has got faster speeds and more efficient performance. If you are interested in upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router, it is important to first determine if your current router supports the new standard or not, before going out to get a new one. Here is how to check if your router supports WiFi 6:

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How to Check if your Router supports WiFi 6

1. Look for the WiFi 6 logo on the Router:

If a router supports the Wi-Fi 6 standard, it will most likely have the Wi-Fi 6 logo displayed on the packaging or on the router itself. When buying your router, look carefully for the logo. it is a good indication that your router supports the new standard.

2. Check the router’s documentation:

Now, if you don’t find the Wi-Fi 6 logo on the packaging, that still doesn’t mean it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6. Another place you might want to check is the documentation that comes with your router. This should include information about the router’s specifications, including its Wi-Fi capabilities, etc.

3. Check with the manufacturer:

If you’re looking to buy your router from an online store, and If you are unsure if the router supports WiFi 6, you can try contacting the manufacturer for more information. They should be able to provide you with details about your router’s capabilities. Also, you can visit the router’s company website to find this information.

4. Check the router’s model number:

WiFi 6 router

The model number of your router may include information about its Wi-Fi capabilities. For example, a router with a model number that ends in “AX” is likely to support Wi-Fi 6. This model number is usually displayed on the pack of the router. So, you can check for it even before purchasing it.

5. Check the router’s firmware:

The firmware of your router may also include information about its Wi-Fi capabilities. To check the firmware, log in to your router’s web-based interface and look for the firmware version. If the firmware version includes “Wi-Fi 6” or “802.11ax,” it is likely that your router supports the new standard.


There you have it. Checking if your router supports Wi-Fi 6 is pretty straightforward. Follow these steps, and you can determine if your current router can support the new standard or if you need to upgrade to a new one.

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