DStv Explora Versus Explora 2: Here’s what’s new


DStv Explora 2 is the next generation of PVR decoder slated to replace the old eventually. The updated Explora 2.0 in slimmer, losing some features of the Explora even as it comes new and improved. How much the new is improved is what we are here to find out. In a death-match between the Explora and Explora 2, the devil is always in the details. Let’s have a look.

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The first thing you will notice about the Explora 2 is its slimmed down black box. While that’s well and good, the biggest drawback to getting yourself the Explora 2 is the halved hard drive space. 1 terrabyte is included in Explora 2 where the Explora came with 2 terrabytes. In recompense, DStv, implemented high efficiency video encoding (HEVC aka H.265), a much superior compression technology in order to offset data consumption. Before the video standard used was MPEG-2. So if you are to think about it, it makes sense to reduce on the hard drive space as you effect better video compression. And it saves on the decoder cost, a win-win.

Along with this, you get the new A7 remote with backlit buttons for night time viewing. New remote dedicated hotlink for ShowMax joins Catchup,BoxOffice and DStv button for easy access to these services. The remote comes with low battery detection and also doubles as a universal remote i.e for the TV.


Name/SpecsDStv ExploraDStv Explora 2
Recommended Retail priceR1499 (Roughly US $110)R1499 (Roughly US $110)
Physical appearance>>Black
>>Smartcard slot on the front
>>Size (420 x 262 x 63.8mm)
>>Smartcard slot on the side
>>Size (310 x 160.5 x 47.5)
Recording capacity2 terrabytes (approx. 220 hours) 1 terrabyte (approx. 110 hours)
XtraViewRequires heartbeat cable to connect linked decoders Uses DStv Smart LNB to connect Explora 2 decoders in XtraView. Heartbeat cable only required to connect older decoders in Xtraview or when installed without DStv Smart LNB
HD capacity720p, 1080i720p, 1080i, 1080p
User bands832

Plug3 pin2 pin
USB ports 4 2

  • WeeFree

    I’ve been looking for someone to talk me through the difference between both set top boxes until a Google search brought me here. You did a great job. Thank you.

    • Sydney Mugerwa

      Thank you for appreciating!

  • Where can I buy in Kampala?
    As the dstv Kampala office has only Explora I not II