Here are the new Safaricom Home 4G Plans and Bundles for 2023


Home internet is quickly becoming a necessity today as we continue to rack up the number of smart and connected devices in our homes. This, is not to mention the fact that we stream content at home today more than ever, be it on YouTube or Netflix for video content or Spotify and others for Podcasts and music.

In Kenya, the Home Fiber space is pretty competitive with key players like Faiba, Safaricom, and Zuku pushing compelling offers to customers, and other little-known ISPs taking the fight to these big dogs with interesting offers.

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However, these services are abundant and available in select towns, cities, and urban areas. Persons living in smaller towns and on the outskirts of these big towns are unfortunately left out in the cold with little to no options. That is where Safaricom Home 4G comes in.


Safaricom Home 4G leverages the carrier’s expansive 4G network in 2023 that reportedly covers over 97% of Kenya’s population, to offer access to fast and reliable internet to Kenyans, with a catch of course. Plans for this product don’t have any form of unlimited package. Actually, these tariffs seemed punitive when looked at through the lens of the other options available in the market.

New Safaricom 4G for Home Prices in 2023

  • 105GB (3.5GB awarded daily) for KES 2,999
  • 150GB (5GB awarded daily) for KES 4,100
  • 240GB (8GB awarded daily) for KES 6,299
  • 540GB (18GB awarded daily) for KES 12,499

Additionally, Safaricom now says that they’ll allow customers to pay for the routers in installments. Customers can pay Ksh. 1,000 as a down payment and then pay the remaining amount in monthly installments of Ksh. 1,000 for the Huawei B311 and Ksh. 2,000 for the Huawei B535.

With the reduced prices, more people can now afford to purchase routers and enjoy faster internet speeds.


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Safaricom 4G for Home Routers

The Safaricom 4G Wi-Fi routers come in two options: the Huawei B311 and the Huawei B535. The Huawei B311 router, which supports up to 32 devices and has a speed of up to 150Mbps, is now priced at Ksh. 5,999, down from the previous price of Ksh. 8,499.

The Huawei B535 router, which supports up to 64 devices and has a speed of up to 300Mbps, is now priced at Ksh. 10,999, down from the previous price of Ksh. 15,499.


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