How to Buy and Send Book Gift Cards from Roving Heights in Nigeria

book gift cards

Do you have a friend obsessed with books? One gift they’ll appreciate is more books. However, since your bookworm friends would be particular about the type of books they read, they’d probably have a wishlist of books they want. A gift card is a great way to get them the books they really want.

In this post, we’ll share how to purchase and send book gift cards in Nigeria from the Roving Heights bookstore. Keep reading to see how it works.

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What is Roving Heights?

Roving Heights is a popular Nigerian bookstore that sells all genres of books offline and online. With multiple branches in the popular cities of Abuja and Lagos, the store also has a very popular online presence. Because of this, they deliver book purchases to every state in Nigeria.

How Does the Book Gift Cards Work on Roving Heights?

The gift cards work just like any other gift card from stores like Spotify or Apple. Buy it online and get it sent to the inbox of your recipient. There’s also an option to add a special message or note. Your recipient will get an email with the details of your purchase.

With a book gift card from Roving Heights, your recipient can purchase books or anything else from the store and pay with it. However, they can only redeem the amount on the gift card. This means, if their purchase exceeds the price of the card, they would have to pay the remaining balance. 

The price you can purchase ranges from N3,500 – N150,000 and the card is redeemable both online and in physical stores. There are two available payment options. You can either choose to pay via a direct bank transfer or with your card via Paystack.

Buy and Send Giftcards on Roving Heights

If you’re ready to send someone a gift card from the Roving Heights store, here’s how to go about it;

  • Visit the official Roving Heights website
  • On the navigation bar at the top of your screen, tap the ‘Gift Card’ option
  • Choose the gift card amount from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the recipient’s email address
  • Type in your name and if you’d like a special note you’d like them to receive
  • Once you’ve completed this, tap on the add to cart button
roving heights bookstore
  • Navigate to the cart section and proceed to checkout
roving heights shopping cart
  • Fill out your billing details and choose a payment option
pay for gift card
  • Pay and complete your order

You’ll receive a confirmation email and your recipient will receive one too.

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And that’s how to purchase a gift card. All your recipient needs to do is start shopping with the voucher they receive. Do let us know if you found this post helpful in the comments below.


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