F8 conference 2016: Facebook Launches Bot Platform for Messenger

Chat Bots just got a new champion in Facebook which has announced a bunch of sweeping new developments at the Facebook’s F8 Conference in San Francisco. Facebook’s new business model involves Developers coming up with Bots Facebook believes can upset the way business has been done up until now in the fields of customer care, commerce and online media.

Facebook’s API tools are intended to be used by Developers to build chat bots targeted at businesses with the aim of disrupting the widespread usage of regular calls, toll free call and SMS. Chat bots will take over the mostly automated queries of business clients with some level of human intervention where needed. Facebook’s 900 million users represent a very lucrative market for developers and businesses which can tap into the most used social media platform to bring services closer to their clients.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at the F8 2015 developer conference talking about the Messenger Platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at the F8 2015 developer conference talking about the Messenger Platform.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the other more obvious use for chat bots: Your very own personal assistant. The CNN bot, one of the first bots developed for the Messenger store sent Zuckerberg news stories live at the F8 Conference.


Rise of the Bots: How software robots and AI are redefining how we live and communicate

Bots can be used to fetch personalised news stories, images and GIFs. They can search YouTube videos, Music websites, Wikipedia for content. The possibilities are endless. Facebook is gate-crashing a party attended by Telegram, Kik, Line and Slack bot stores. Their business-minded approach is unique and it introduces another aspect to how the bot wars will be fought in the future.

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Internet bots or Chatbots have sparked a lot of interest from the tech industry. The prospect of customised service delivery is too tempting to pass up by both consumer and content creator. Bots simplify communication and service delivery and the way we access information on the internet. What better way to interact with your device than to converse as you will at an acquaintance. More updates to come from the F8 Conference on Dignited.

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