Here’s why everyone is going for bezel-less smartphones

Whereas hardware does not come along with devices the way software does, where you have room to make updates to the latest version, it does play a very important role when a smartphone is out for marketing. 2017 as a year has proven to be a turning point in smartphone design, with close to all flagship devices beautifully made bezel-less. This was cemented by Apple’s choice to alternate in its design philosophy and paint its feathers with similar colors as the rest of the stakeholders.

A bezel is the outside frame of your smartphone that basically defines its overall perimeter.  Apparently every other new flagship is doing away with bezels, and utilizing the dead space for display. This has resulted in some doing away with the Home button, at least for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X. The big question is: What exactly is pushing this bezel-less smartphone trend?

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Big Screen on a Small Phone

Back then, the need for a large display called for manufacturers to assemble a bigger phone to fit it in. But the physical size of a smartphone is limited to the hands of the user meant to hold it, and probably their pockets that keep it on the move. To this, the option is maximizing on the display area, and the technological advancements and intensive research have helped manufacturers to make compact devices with big screen sizes.

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Rise of affordable flagships

The growing availability of options for consumers to buy, at an even lower cost, is not something anyone can just overlook. The specs that we all thought were meant for high-end smartphones are quickly migrating to mid-range devices, and many are having lots of comfort in enjoying them. This could have sparked pressure on the main stakeholders to review their works and resolve on edge-to-edge display.

For example, since its inception in 2007, the iPhone had not seen any significant change in design, and one would not keep looking on as other players such as Xiaomi are busy making their bezels thinner and the screen display larger. It is a reason for the iPhone X emerging in difference.

What else could the industry adopt? Definitely, the bezel-less display for devices especially for the additional user experience that comes with it.

Edge-to-edge provides better user experience

Besides the large displays looking very attractive and the easier surf that one experiences when swiping over them, we have to unanimously agree that small displays are a menace in a way. If you do not accidentally tap on the wrong icon while doing out something, you could click on an ad while on the internet. You will have to resize images to fit on the screen, let alone struggle with the inconveniences that come with it. So, when the bezel-less display opportunity knocks on your house door, you can’t resist opening it wide.

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We do not know about what you think of large display smartphones, but would really love to. Go ahead and tell us your opinion and personal experience with them.


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