You will soon be able to share your WhatsApp status to Facebook stories, Instagram stories and others

Share WhatsApp Status

In a recent update rolled out to WhatsApp beta users, a new feature that allows you to share your status to other apps like Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Gmail and Google Photos were included. The super trio social media platform that Facebook owns already have a post sharing feature except for WhatsApp that don’t share posts to other two Facebook-owned apps or other apps and it was only a matter of time before that happened. This new sharing option appears under your WhatsApp status and that will allow you to directly share that particular status directly to the app of choice.

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Although the post sharing doesn’t warrant you to link your account to either Facebook or Instagram or any one of the other apps for that matter, there is still a looming possibility in the future that this will still happen between the other Facebook-owned apps considering that Facebook and Instagram have been linked already. However, Facebook promises that there will be no form of data sharing or linking of accounts but then this is Facebook and we all know how that goes. Back in 2014, when Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it stated that both apps will operate separately without sharing data. In 2017, that was later changed and Facebook did share WhatsApp data which did not go well with a lot of people.

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Also, there will be no automatic activation of the feature so that it will always be an active action taken by the user. The feature will be using the same data sharing API as other Android Apps which means everything is happening on your smartphone and not the server. In other words, the posting of Facebook status will appear as an independent action on their server not having anything to do with WhatsApp.


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