Facebook is working on a “Dark Mode” for the main Facebook app


While some apps (e.g.Netflix) are naturally dark-themed, many others have a light-themed fore- and background. A majority of popular tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook have all rolled out a dark mode option for their apps in the past and some still have theirs in the works.

Another example of such company is Facebook. The social media giant already rolled out Dark Mode for one of its secondary products (Messenger) but it seems like the company is ready to design a DarkMode option for its main product, Facebook.

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According to Reverse Engineering expert, Jane Wong, Facebook has commenced reworking some aspect of the Facebook mobile app to support Dark Mode. Jane also confirms that presently, only “dark text display on a dark background” have been successfully implemented.

When is Facebook Dark Mode launching?

Jane confirms that Dark Mode for Facebook is still in the early stages of development and “it could take time” to implement Dark Mode across the entire platform. And this is because the Facebook app is a really “big” app. So relax. It could take months before it rolls out to the public, but it eventually will.

Asides the main Facebook app, Instagram and WhatsApp are other Facebook products that’d be getting Dark Mode in the future.


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