How to Prevent People From Adding You to Telegram Groups

Many times, Telegram users get added to random groups, the majority of which are spam. This can really get frustrating especially when you have no interest in the purpose(s) of these groups. To nip this in the bud, you can prevent random people from adding you to Telegram groups.

I’m sure the next question is “How?”. By default, every Telegram user can be added to groups without their consent. You have to be intentional about stopping this to prevent future occurrences. And this means playing around the settings of your Telegram account.

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The fact that Telegram works with both usernames and phone numbers makes users more prone to spam groups. This is unlike platforms like WhatsApp that are solely phone number-based. And restricts additions to groups to people who have you as their contact.

This post takes you through how you can restrict random people from adding you to spam groups. And save yourself the stress of deleting groups every now and then.

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Prevent Random People From Adding You to Telegram Groups

Follow the steps below to prevent random people from adding you to spam Telegram groups.

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Locate the “Settings” button at the bottom right corner and click on it.
  • Choose “Privacy and Security” from the list of options displayed under settings.
Prevent random people from adding you to Telegram groups
  • Select “Groups & Channels.”
Telegram groups
  • Under the “WHO CAN ADD ME” section, change it from “Everybody” to “My Contacts”. This makes sure that random people that are not saved as your contact cannot add you to Telegram groups.
Telegram groups
  • You can go further to add a couple of exceptions like preventing a particular contact from ever adding you to groups. Or always allow (trusted) contact to add you to any groups. This is under the “EXCEPTIONS” section.

Once this is done, you can definitely rest from the many spam groups that you’re always being added to.

How to Find Groups on Telegram

Finding groups in this chat platform is quite straightforward. Follow the steps below.

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  1. Click on the search button at the top.
  2. Type in the group name. Telegram will search all your chats and public channel names and show you results.
  3. Tap on the one you like and join.

Important: You cannot search for or join private channels or groups like this. You’d need the invite link for this purpose.

Please drop a comment if you have any other issues in this regard. We are happy to help.


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