What Samsung Devices Support Wireless Charging

Fewer cords, safer connections. This, among others, is what you get with wireless charging. Apple was one of the first companies to popularise wireless charging. Since then, other companies have joined the train, notable among them is Samsung. There are a number of Samsung devices that support wireless charging nowadays.

Before we go any further, how does wireless charging work? Basically, there is a base station to transmit power using electromagnetic waves. These waves are then picked up by a receiver that is placed at the back of a phone. The receiver then transforms the waves into electricity which is then used to charge the smartphone.

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Listed below are some of the Samsung phones that can be charged wirelessly.

Samsung Wireless Charging Phones

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge wireless charging | Via CIO
Samsung Wireless Charging Phones: the Galaxy S6 Edge | Via CIO

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Also, the Galaxy S20 series, the S10 series, and the Note 10 series also support “Reverse Wireless Charging.” This is the ability for a wireless charging-capable phone to act as the charging station and be used to charge another wireless device. The Galaxy S20 series come with the Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 charging standard giving you a 10W+ charge.

Wireless charging saves you from the cables that keep breaking while enabling you to place your phone on a charging station. You will not need to hold it in your hand close to the socket anymore.

For now, no smartphone comes with a wireless charger boxed with the phone. The wireless chargers are sold separately. It is also worth noting that the wireless charger needs to be powered by a wall charger. What are your thoughts on wireless charging? Does your device support the charging technology? How has your experience been compared to wired charging?

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